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If you are someone looking to help VetsHERD, there are a number of ways.  We appreciate any help you can give.

We have confirmed the following to help assist with house repairs this year:

Gary Hepler Vietnam Vet
Niagara Falls, NY

Needs house repainted and repairs to small fence in yard.  Needs include additional volunteers, supplies/materials by Home Depot.

We are looking to do this in June

James Jablowski
Hamburg, NY 14075

Needs new front porch. Supplies/materials by Home Depot, except concrete.

Need small crew of volunteers for job

Structural (house) changes for their father (Vietnam vet).

We are trying to get funding from the VA and other sources.

Possible roof repairs in the city of Buffalo, I need to review with veteran.

Mr. Moody
Vietnam veteran

The Erie County Veterans Service Agency has the following items to offer to Vets HERD:

Three (3)powered wheelchairs
One (1) wheelchair

A generous volunteer is requesting permission from the County Legislators to donate items to Vets HERD. We should have the equipment in the month of April.

Please contact VetsHERD if you would like to help


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